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Main Street station in East Danforth, Toronto.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Toronto, Canada - 12 July 2015
Main Street station in East Danforth, Toronto.
Operator: TTC
Fleet number: 7698
Registration plate: BL8 435
Model: Orion VII
VIN code: 1VHFH3A2846701347
Yearmodel: 2005
This picture was added 22 October 2018.
A TTC GM "fishbowl" bus is seen operating on Bay St. in 1974. This MTA "Select Bus" is seen operating in Manhattan. Trafalgar Square. A Vancouver trolley coach and GM"fishbowl " bus are shown in this photo. Leipzig Central Station. This MTA bus is seen on St. Paul St. in downtown Baltimore. Ingerslevsgade, in service for Red Ticket.


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