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Photographed on Atlantic Ave. on NJT Rt.505.
Photo by Mitchell Libby
Longport, New Jersey (USA) - December 2009
Photographed on Atlantic Ave. on NJT Rt.505.
Operator: New Jersey Transit
Fleet number: 2525
Model: NOVA RTS 06-2N
Yearmodel: 2000
This picture was added 20 October 2018.
Laz A183 low-floor bus on line 67 in Skopje. A New Jersey Transit bus bound for Atlantic City is seen in Longport,NJ. This trolley coach built in 1949 is seen operating in revenue service in 1969. A Las Vegas Transit bus is seen operating on the 6Strip route. Trolley coach system closed on 22 May 1974. In September 2017, a number of Ikarus buses were still in service in the Polish city of Częstoc A New Jersey Transit RTS Nova bus is shown inthe Venice Park section of Atlantic City


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