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Solaris trolley bus #443 on line 3 at "Estonia" in Tallinn.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Tallinn, Estonia - 9 May 2018
Solaris trolley bus #443 on line 3 at "Estonia" in Tallinn.
Operator: TLT
Fleet number: 443
Model: Solaris Trollino 18
VIN code: SUU3412108BPN1230
Yearmodel: 2008
This picture was added 08 June 2018.
N.A.T. Group #526 (YJI6 DZC) on the X8 in Westgate Street, Cardiff. Motorised bus service in Copenhagen began in 1913 with French De Dion Bouton buses like this. A Volvo 7900 Hybrid on line 8 on Narva maantee in Tallinn. From the large batch of Van Hool NewA330s placed into service in 2006/7 (8101-8227), this is no. 815 Place Dumon in Stockel.


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