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BusGlobe welcomes North Macedonia!

On 12 February 2019, the Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia changed its name to North Macedonia. BusGlobe has 12 pictures from North Macedonia.

Solaris trolley bus #443 on line 3 at "Estonia" in Tallinn.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Tallinn, Estonia - 9 May 2018
Solaris trolley bus #443 on line 3 at "Estonia" in Tallinn.
Operator: TLT
Fleet number: 443
Model: Solaris Trollino 18
VIN code: SUU3412108BPN1230
Yearmodel: 2008
This picture was added 08 June 2018.
One of several former Nettbuss buses now with PKS Częstochowa. Piazza del Tricolore. Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) 2306, Mercedes-Benz O405N, on Montjuïc in Barcelona. Line 10 bus crossing the light rail tracks next to Progreso station. Just arrived from The Netherlands


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