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MZK Wrocław #8121 outside the central station in Wrocław.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Wroclaw, Poland - 20 September 2017
MZK Wrocław #8121 outside the central station in Wrocław.
Operator: MZK Wrocław
Fleet number: 8121
Registration plate: DW 6653N
Model: Volvo B7LA/Wrocław (Volvo 7000A)
VIN code: YV3R7G82451103524
Yearmodel: 2004
This picture was added 24 April 2018.
Delaine Buses #116 was both the first Volvo in the Delaine fleet and later the last high-floor bus w Over 40 years old and still looking good! This 1975 Setra S120 is operated by Von Nell on a wine and BKV #12-90 at the bus station next to the Mexikói út metro and tram terminus. F. Rooseveltplaats. PKM Jaworzno has had this 1994 Scania MaxCi from new. Photographed on Atlantic Ave. on NJT Rt.505. Tyskie Linie Trolejbusowe (TLT Tychy) on line B in Tychy.


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