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This CTA bus is seen on an express bus line.
Photo by Mitchell Libby
Chicago, Illinois (USA) - April 1987
This CTA bus is seen on an express bus line.
Operator: Chicago Transit Authority
Fleet number: 4221
Model: M.A.N. SL-40102N
Yearmodel: 1985
This picture was added 23 February 2018.
Delaine Buses #100, the latest addition to the Delaine Heritage Trust fleet, at the Delaine depot an An Ikarus 260 running on CNG (compressed natural gas). Long Beach Transit is a municipal transit agency founded in 1963. A PACE bus which services suburban Chicago is seen in this 1990 photo. A CTA GM "fishbowl" bus is seen operating in Chicago in this 1977 photo. MZK Zywiec 377 on line 5 on Aleja Marszalka Jozefa Pilsudskiego in Zywiec. Until 2008 it was Århus S SEPTA bus Rt.32 is shown at Broad St.and Chestnut St.


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