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Dronning Mauds gate in central Oslo.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Oslo, Norway - 28 July 2013
Dronning Mauds gate in central Oslo.
Operator: UniBuss
Fleet number: 1131
Registration plate: DN 69136
Model: Volvo 8700LE (B12BLE)
VIN code: YV3R8R428B1149917
Yearmodel: 2011
This picture was added 14 January 2018.
Bus from Switzerland A New Flyer bus and Kawasaki LRV built in 1981 are seen at 40th. and Woodland Ave. A line 3 bus on Córdoba in central Mendoza. This is a Volvo hybrid bus. Now operating succesfully in several countries. Volvo B5LH/Volvo 7700 Hy Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos de Macau (TCM) no. 5005 on Rua do Comandante Joao Belo in Macau. Former BVG #3962 on Heinrich-von-Gagern-Straße in Berlin.



24 April 2018

Nice image! I lived in Ski for most of my teens and have taken the 83 Trollåsen bus several times!

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