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Helsfyr T-bane station.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Oslo, Norway - 27 July 2013
Helsfyr T-bane station.
Operator: UniBuss
Fleet number: 1622
Registration plate: UA 29130
Model: Volvo B12BLE/Vest Center
VIN code: YV3R8N1259A133178
Yearmodel: 2009
This picture was added 14 January 2018.
A 2014 SOR CN12 in Most at the Moskevská/Budovatelů intersection. Scania OmniCity on line 21 at Helsfyr T in Oslo. The buses on line 21 Helsfyr - Aker Brygge are runn Photographed on Rt.322 heading east en route to Atlantic City. This HSR Brill is seen operating on the King route. Bus from Switzerland TEC Liège-Verviers #5565, a 16 years old Renault-EMI R312, as a line 80 on Place Saint Lambert in ce


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