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Balboa Park.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
San Francisco, California (USA) - 12 July 2017
Balboa Park.
Operator: MUNI
Fleet number: 8368
Model: Neoplan AN440
Yearmodel: 2002
This picture was added 26 November 2017.
Line 981 in Bahnhofstraße. This trolley coach is seen in the Bi-centennial paint scheme laying over at Ferry Terminal. This MUNI bus is seen on Rt.9 en route to Cow Palace ,an area located in Daly City. A sunny April evening in Dordrecht. This is TCR 500-110 operating under sub-contract to Arriva Neder Škoda 15Tr trolleybuses at the Mírová terminus. #561 was built in 2000 and #551 in 1994. A 1966 Leyland Atlantean in the Delaine depot in Bourne participating in the 2017 "Delaine Heritage


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