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A TTC GM "fishbowl" bus is seen operating on Bay St. in 1974.
Photo by Mitchell Libby
Toronto, Canada - around May 1974
A TTC GM "fishbowl" bus is seen operating on Bay St. in 1974.
Operator: Toronto Transit Commission
Fleet number: 3971
Registration plate: BU3-984
Model: General Motors Corp.
This picture was added 05 January 2017.
A Vancouver trolley coach and GM"fishbowl " bus are shown in this photo. A Brill trolley coach followed by a Marmon-Herrington trolley coach are seen operating on Rt.59. This SEPTA bus decorated for the holidays is seen outside of SEPTA headquarters at 1234 Market St. Ikarus-Zemun IK4 on line 20 in Skopje. A MAN LPG bus, apparently financed by the European Union, on Budovatelů in central Most. An HSR Brill trolley coach is seen operating in down town Hasmilton,Ontario in this 1974 photo.


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