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Clement also runs for AVL, here as 677 AVL.
Photo by Klodi
Luxembourg, Avenue de la Porte Neuve, Luxembourg - 22 June 2011
Clement also runs for AVL, here as 677 AVL.
Operator: Clement Bourglinster
Fleet number: 677
Registration plate: JC 6022
Model: Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro
This picture was added 21 October 2011.
This motor coach is seen engaged in charter service at 20th. and Arch St. in Philadelphia. Luxembourg's national railway operator closed the international line from Luxembourg to Arlon in Bel EVA Transportes 9174 (82-68-QR) was new in 1985 to German operator VKP Ploen as its no. 864. Importe The Gråhundbus depot at Yderholmen, Ballerup.


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