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Rua de Viana do Castelo in Aveiro.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Aveiro, Portugal - 2 March 2015
Rua de Viana do Castelo in Aveiro.
Operator: Transdev
Fleet number: 2335
Registration plate: 48 NF 65
Model: Mercedes-Benz O550Ü
Yearmodel: 2000
This picture was added 12 April 2015.
BVG #4128 as an U-bahn replacement service at Wuhletal U-bahn station. A KR, maybe no. 76, seen near Leenane. Heading westbound on Interstate 78 towards Pennsylvania Ex. Caetano. Rebodied in 1980. This trolley coach is seen on Jasper St. in Edmonton. Trolley coach service here ended in 2009 and t


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