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Carsa-bodied Scania on line 13 in Vigo.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Vigo, Spain - 5 March 2015
Carsa-bodied Scania on line 13 in Vigo.
Operator: Vitrasa
Fleet number: 701
Registration plate: 0591 HFB
Model: Scania/Carsa
This picture was added 12 April 2015.
Vermes Miklós Street in Csepel, Budapest. Ex BBA/Veolia in Breda no. 3812 at Boráros tér in Budapest. Barcelona Tours #2505, a 2002 Dennis Trident open-top sightseeing bus, in Barcelona. 1210 on Bulgaria Blvd. Piazza del Tricolore. This SEPTA bus is seen at Richmond & Westmoreland on Rt.60. Portillo has a wide variety of buses, mostly with spanish bodywork. This is one of them, an Unvi bod


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