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Former BVG Berlin #3074 at Helsinki Habour.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Helsinki, Finland - 23 July 2013
Former BVG Berlin #3074 at Helsinki Habour.
Operator: Helsinki Lines
Fleet number: 41
Registration plate: HXY-741
Model: MAN ND202
VIN code: WMAA140077C002188
Yearmodel: 1995
This picture was added 28 February 2015.
Ventoniemi 63 at Järvenpää busstation. The bus was involved in an accident, which is the reason why Koiviston 62/SRF-762 at Lahti busstation. TEC #5775, a Van Hool New AG300 artic, near the central station in Liège. A 2010 Citaro on line 12 in Częstochowa. Place Bara. This MBTA vehicle is seen in service on Rt.29. April 21st 2018 is the final day of operation of Avon Buses service 202 in South Liverpool; after to


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