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Vuosaari metro station.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Helsinki, Finland - 22 July 2013
Vuosaari metro station.
Operator: Helsingin Bussiliikenne
Fleet number: 242
Registration plate: FFJ-920
Model: Scania L94UB/Lahti Scala
VIN code: YS4L4X20001841745
Yearmodel: 2002
This picture was added 28 February 2015.
Ashmont subway station. On my short visit to Esch, TICE no. 325 was the only bus I saw in the "Centenary" blue and cream liv Harimayacho in central Kōchi. SL-Autolinjat 730 at Turku busstation. Koiviston 335/RYH-135 at Lahti busstation. Brussels Zuid/Midi (South) bus station. Todbjerg AA13595 on line 117 on Randersvej in Århus.


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