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The central station in Helsinki.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Helsinki, Finland - 22 July 2013
The central station in Helsinki.
Operator: Veolia
Fleet number: 1259
Registration plate: LLR-569
Model: Volvo 8900LE (Volvo B7RLE)
VIN code: YV3R6R720D1159572
Yearmodel: 2012
This picture was added 28 February 2015.
From late 2012 Go-Ahead London introduced a large fleet - the UK's largest so far - of battery-power Photographed by City Hall. Ventoniemi 63 at Järvenpää busstation. The bus was involved in an accident, which is the reason why Martti Laurila Oy ERF-938 at Kouvola station. Boráros tér. The railway station at Székesfehérvár.


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