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Photo by Lars Budtz
Fabriksparken, Glostrup, Denmark - 22 February 2015
Operator: Nobina
Fleet number: 6164
Registration plate: AL 93 803
Model: Mercedes Citaro K
VIN code: WEB62840313128478
Yearmodel: 2014
This picture was added 22 February 2015.
This MTA bus that is using clean diesel technology is seen in Baltimore. Koiviston 319/LSI-219 at Lahti busstation. This MTA bus is seen on St. Paul St. in downtown Baltimore. A bus from Finland A possibly privately owned Taivalkori-bodied Scania K82CL, seen at Lahti busstation. The city of Skopje once bought a batch of old London double-deckers, and their red colour is still u Ditobus 275/OK89113, a 1996 Vest-bodied Volvo B10M, seen by the companys garage.


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