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Photo by Lars Budtz
Fabriksparken, Glostrup, Denmark - 22 February 2015
Operator: Nobina
Fleet number: 6130
Registration plate: AL 93 782
Model: Mercedes Citaro LE MÜ
VIN code: WEB62852413128079
Yearmodel: 2014
This picture was added 22 February 2015.
Savonlinja Oy 461/SFX-765 at Kouvola station. The older buses of Parisian RATP has the fleet number for registration number as well. This is seen This Edmonton GMDD "new look" is seen operating in Edmonton during summer 1974. 2017 Hino on Taipei line 667 near the North Gate on the street "Western Mainline Line". Århus Sporveje 272 on line 72 in Tranbjerg, a suburb of Århus. This Orion VII hybrid bus is seen operating in Manhattan.


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