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Photo by Lars Budtz
Haraldsgade, Copenhagen, Denmark - 22 February 2015
Operator: Arriva
Fleet number: 1855
Registration plate: TB 88 493
Model: Scania CL94UB/OmniLink
VIN code: YS2L6X20001846800
Yearmodel: 2004
This picture was added 22 February 2015.
No, a new busbrand called Sprinklervæske, has not been introduced, but it is the very first day with A 2014 SOR CN12 in Most at the Moskevská/Budovatelů intersection. Former BVG, Berlin, fleet number 3416 as a sightseeing bus in rainy Copenhagen. Hyvinkään Liikenne Oy 3 at Hyvinkää busstation. This bus was imported from Sweden in 2008, where it 1203 on Doiran St.


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