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DPMZ #01 at the bus station in Žilina.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Žilina, Slovakia - 13 September 2014
DPMZ #01 at the bus station in Žilina.
Operator: DPMZ
Fleet number: 01
Registration plate: ZA-681BR
Model: Karosa B952
VIN code: TMKB217143M006846
Yearmodel: 2003
This picture was added 22 February 2015.
A 15 metre long and CNG powered vehicle. MUNI #8234 on Beach Street. This bus was retired from service in October 2017. Former Gothenburg Tramways #952 on Laagna tee in Lasnamäe, Tallinn. Built in the Czech Republic, BA-491ZJ is a CNG powered bus with a low floor throughout. TEDOM later Autobus Oberbayern MAN Lion's City no. 046 with Hess APM 5.6-13 trailer no. 096 (registration plate A 1994 DAB series 12 city bus from MPK Olsztyn. Unlike most DAB buses in Poland, this was assembled Near the central station in Plzeň.


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