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Guidelines for acceptable pictures and updated FAQ (February 5, 2017)

A set of Guidelines for acceptable pictures has been added, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page has been updated to reflect previous changes to the functionality of BusGlobe.

Search has finally arrived (April 12, 2015)

A search feature has been added to BusGlobe. It is now possible to search for specific bus models, operators, fleet numbers and chassis numbers etc.

Please try out the new search engine and report any error to the moderators. We would also like to hear about any picture that does not show up in search results because of incorrect or missing information on the picture page. Also feel free to comment on individual pictures about that.

Moderation of uploads is introduced (February 15, 2015)

During January a large number of pictures on the site was deleted due to quality issues.

In order to improve the quality of new pictures on BusGlobe, the following changes are in effect from today February 15, 2015:

The FAQ will be updated to reflect these changes within a few days, and a number of guidelines for good pictures will be published.

Improving picture quality (January 13, 2015)

In BusGlobe's first years more than 10,000 pictures have been uploaded to the site. This is great, but unfortunately a relatively high percentage of these pictures have been of a rather poor quality. As a consequence, good photographers are discouraged from uploading pictures to the site. This situation is not desirable, and we now attempt to change the course.

As a first step, low-quality pictures are currently being deleted from BusGlobe. The number of pictures on the site will therefore drop until this process is completed around the end of January.

The next step will be a change in the way the quality of new pictures on the site is ensured. More on this will follow.

December 2, 2011

Please respect that the site's language is English. From now on, comments or picture information in other languages are deleted by the moderators. The FAQ has been updated to reflect this.

August 23, 2011

BusGlobe has been launched! We are two moderators (Thomas, who is also the webmaster, and Lars) to a start and we have populated some of the country pages with our own pictures. Now we hope that other people will take the time to share some of their pictures as well.

It is still a new site and many things are on their way. Currently the following features are under development:

If you have any other ideas, feel free to contact us.

Also, spread the word! We do not ourselves know bus enthusiasts from all over the world.

Last updated 05 February 2017