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Frequently Asked Questions

Uploading pictures

What kind of pictures can I upload?

BusGlobe is only for pictures of buses, coaches and trolley buses.

Which file formats are supported?

It is only possible to upload JPEG-pictures (file extension .jpg or .jpeg) to the site. Most digital cameras, scanners and photo editing software will output pictures in this format.

Is it okay to write the picture information in other languages than English?

No. All the information should be in English except for names of cities, people etc. The moderators will delete any texts in other languages than English.

Moderation of uploaded pictures

Every BusGlobe user can upload pictures to the site. However, to ensure a certain level of quality, the picture will not be visible to the public, before it has been approved by a moderator.

The moderators will try to either approve or reject any uploaded picture within a few days or less. To get an idea of the quality requirements of pictures, please refer to the guidelines for acceptable pictures. Or take a look at the pictures already published on BusGlobe.

We acknowledge that it may be disappointing to have a picture rejected, but it is unfortunately necessary in some cases.

How do I remove a picture?

To remove one of your pictures, go to the picture's page and click the link "Request deletion of this picture". Then the picture will be removed by the moderators.

Can I use the pictures on BusGlobe on a website, in a magazine or elsewhere?

In short: No, not according to copyright laws. You need the photographer's permission.

The pictures on BusGlobe are protected by copyright. It means that you are not allowed to copy the pictures and use them on another website, in a magazine or anywhere else without permission from the copyright owner.

If you would like to use a picture, you must ask the photographer for his or her permission. The name of the photographer is displayed together with the picture. Click the name to get to the photographer's page where you might find contact information. You can also ask for permission in a comment to the picture, and the photographer might reply in the same way. This will require you to sign in or register as new user.

You may not use a picture if you cannot get in contact with the photographer or you do not get an answer from the photographer.

Why do I have to be the copyright owner of the pictures I upload to BusGlobe?

As a user on BusGlobe you must respect copyright laws. You are thus not allowed to upload somebody else's pictures, unless you have an agreement with the photographer. You are of course free to upload pictures you have taken yourself.

There are cases where it might be appropriate to upload another photographer's pictures. You could have acquired the other photographer's permission or taken over a collection of pictures. In these cases, you should provide the photographer's name in the field "Name of the photographer" on the Upload page.

Somebody uploaded one of my pictures! What should I do?

Please use the contact form and the BusGlobe moderators will deal with it.

What are the user types?

There are three types of users on BusGlobe: Moderated users, unmoderated users and moderators.

Moderated users can upload pictures, but they will not be visible to the public, before they have been approved by a moderator. Moderated users can freely edit the information relating to their own pictures and leave a comment on any picture. Most of the users on BusGlobe are moderated users, and every new user start out as a moderated user.

Unmoderated users can do exactly the same as moderated users. The only difference is, that their pictures are publicly visible immediately after upload. The BusGlobe moderators will promote a moderated user to unmoderated status, if the moderated user are continuously uploading pictures of great quality.

Moderators can do the same as the unmoderated users but also have the task of approving or rejecting the pictures uploaded by the moderated users. The moderators can also delete any picture or comment and edit the information about any picture.

There are of course also the unregistered users who are just visitors and cannot upload pictures or comment on pictures.

How do I close my account?

To close your account, go to the Profile and settings page and select the link "Close account" in the "Status" box.

If you close your account, you will no longer be able to upload pictures or comment on pictures. A closed account cannot be reopened, and your screen name will not be available for registration for new users (including yourself) in the future.

Automatic closing of inactive accounts

To avoid having a large number of inactive user accounts, BusGlobe automatically closes all accounts after three months of inactivity - but only if the user has never uploaded a picture or commented on a picture.

Users who have uploaded at least one picture or postet at least one comment, even if it happened more than three months ago, will never have their accounts automatically closed.


Any user who is signed in can comment on any picture on BusGlobe.

Comments should be related to the picture and the bus or buses in that picture.

All comments should be in English. Comments in other languages will be deleted by the moderators.

You should always try to make your comments readable. Make a spellcheck, or let your browser do it, capitalize words that should be capitalized, and read the comment to yourself before you post it. This will also make the other users take you much more seriously.

Moderators will delete comments that are of negative value to other users. This includes spamming and flaming, but there could be other cases. If a particular user repeatedly makes many such comments, he or she will be made unable to comment or completely excluded from the site.

Countries and categorization

In principle it should be possible to upload pictures from any country to BusGlobe. At the moment there are certain obstacles to this but a solution is on its way.

Where should I put a picture of a bus from country A that is taken in country B (e.g. a coach from France photographed in Italy)?

For now, such pictures should be uploaded to the country where the picture was taken (Italy in this instance). Later the site might be able to deal with this situation in a better way.

What about pictures from countries that no longer exists?

If possible, please use the country of which the location is now part until the country has been added.

Where do I complain?

If your pictures are rejected by the moderators, or your pictures or comments are deleted, and you think this is unfair, you can contact the BusGlobe moderators via the contact form. Please note, however, that BusGlobe has no obligation what so ever to host your comments or photos.


BusGlobe uses cookies. Recent regulation from the European Union makes it mandadatory to make sure that you as a user are informed about the use of cookies and that you accept it before a cookie is set.

By signing in to BusGlobe you accept the use of cookies as described in the "Cookies" section and subsections of this FAQ.

By following the link "Full version of BusGlobe" from the mobile version of BusGlobe at you accept the use of cookies as described in the "Cookies" section and subsections of this FAQ.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data, that a website can ask your browser to store, and then your browser will return the data in the cookie to the website on subsequent visits to pages on the website. Cookies can themselves do no harm to your computer or browser. See Wikipedia for more information about how cookies work.

How does BusGlobe use cookies?

BusGlobe sets a cookie when you sign in, and this cookie is used to identify your browser so you do not have to provide your user name and password every time you upload a picture or leave a comment etc. The cookie from BusGlobe will expire - that is, be deleted automatically by the browser - no later than the time, you close your browser. It will also be deleted when you sign out of the website.

BusGlobe also sets a cookie when you follow the link "Full version of BusGlobe" from the mobile version of BusGlobe at This cookie is used to make your (mobile) browser tell BusGlobe that you want the full version of BusGlobe, even when a mobile version of the same page is available. The cookie will expire (and be deleted automatically by the browser) when you close your browser.

None of the cookies are readable by other websites, and no sensitive information is stored in the cookies.

What if I do not want to accept cookies?

You can change the settings in your browser to reject cookies. This will prevent you from signing in to BusGlobe, and you will not be able to upload pictures or leave comments on the site.

If you reject the cookie from BusGlobe when following the link "Full version of BusGlobe" from the mobile version of BusGlobe at you will probably have difficulties accessing the full version of BusGlobe, especially the home page.

Consider using your browsers "incognito mode", if you are just generally suspicious to cookies. In this mode, your browser will not reject the BusGlobe cookies, so you will be able to sign in to the site etc.

If you have not changed your browser settings to make it reject cookies, remember that you accept the use of cookies by BusGlobe if you sign in to the site, or if you follow the link "Full version of BusGlobe" from the mobile version of BusGlobe at

Last updated 05 February 2017